Atif Aslam calls Usman Riaz to appreciate his talent


Teenagers and other mature individuals with talents such as singing or sketching alike usually post their work of art on their facebook account and anxiously wait for the response from their friends. Few likes and comments are enough to feel appreciated but when a big time musician takes time out of his busy schedule to personally admire the talented person, then that is surely worth noticing.

Usman Riaz – a 21-year old guitarist and music prodigy – who earned recognition by the viral video of himself playing the guitar on stage alongside his idol in Scotland, fingerstyle guitarist Preston Reed – could not be happier when he uploaded the following status:

“Just got a call out of the blue from Atif Aslam (Atif Aslam Official Page || AADEEZ) telling me he really enjoys my music and art. He was so extremely humble and gracious I was floored, it was wonderful. Very grateful he took the time out to call me and am honoured”, Usman’s Facebook page stated.

Voice of hearts, Atif Aslam is undoubtedly the very face of the Pakistani music and considering the fact that he took time to appreciate the young lad, the latter will definitely have a shining career ahead of him.

You can find more about Usman Riaz here

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