Girl Hugs and Kisses Atif Aslam in Sur Kshetra – Who was She?


Does it happen only with one Pakistani Celebrity? May be YES! Atif Aslam is probably the only Pakistani star, the girls go crazy and wild on. The latest buzz is now regarding a Girl who hugged and kissed Atif Aslam while he was performing on the stage of Sur Kshetra.

Sur Kshetra, a music competition between Pakistan and India, is in full swing these days. With 18 episodes just broadcasted, the show still has some surprises left. Like the next week promo at the end of Episode 18 that showed a girl hugging and kissing Atif Aslam on the stage of Sur Kshetra.

Remember? we released an Exclusive Photo of the same earlier this year ?

atif hugs girl in Sur Kshetra


So it was all happened back in February 2012 when the show was recorded in Dubai. We had no idea that the show management will show such footage on TV screens , but guess what? the show is ON and so as the footage of it. Probably the next week it would be revealed what happened actually (Watch Full Episode 19 Now). It is still unsure though that it was just an accident or a publicity stunt designed for the show. Whatever it was, the superstar singer looked so shocked and kinda blushing on the situation. He can be clearly seen showing mixed expressions of shock and blushing. Some are even calling it embarrassing.

Whatever that was, it was not something new that he experienced. Back in 2010, Atif Aslam was hugged by a girl fan in Kinnaird College concert. Later in 2011 in Auckland concert, a girl removed her top and threw it towards the popular singer. That was AGAIN an awkward situation!

Coming back to the awkward situation on the sets of Sur Kshetra, people are asking who was the girl actually ?

Our sources suggest that she was a paid girl to do such thing. Whether Atif Aslam was aware of it is still unsure though, but our first hand source says “it was very much a stunt, enjoyed by the people and crew present there”

You can watch below the video clip that aired on Colors TV in India. The same should have played on Geo Entertainment in Pakistan:

and here you can actually watch the sexy lady , from both front and back view!

the girl who hugged and kissed Atif Aslam in sur kshetra


So what do you think of it ? Was this a publicity stunt ? a natural reaction ? or something else that cooked that night . Leave your feedback via the comments below:

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