Ainak Wala Jin Returns to Television


After nearly two decades, the most popular and anticipated show of its time ‘Ainak Wala Jin’ is finally ready to make its long awaited return. The show released a promo for its second season this Wednesday and definitely the most exciting part was finding out that Shehzad Qaiser and Munna Lahori returned to take their roles of Nastoor and Zakoota Jin.

“We have added animations, graphics and have created a futuristic story by adding aliens who have come to conduct research in the world,” said scriptwriter Muhammad Tariq aka Tariq Sahili regarding the involvement of advanced technology methods in the second season. “But the element of travel and adventure still remains.”

Shehzad Qaiser was more than happy to return for the role of Nastoor. “After doing this role, I did not do any other drama or film,” says the beloved actor. “When your name is associated with such a popular character, it becomes rather difficult to adjust to another [character],” he states. “I consider myself lucky — I am making a comeback in the same role.”

Munna Lahori also felt the same way and expressed his appreciation towards the fans that always supported him throughout his life. Regarding the hype of the second season, he states, “The drama has really been written in such a modern and scientific way, that even kids who like Harry Potter and other fantasy series, will appreciate this show.”

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