The Return of “ Ainak Wala Jin ”


If you are a Pakistani and did not watch Ainak Wala Jin on your television, then I am sorry to say you must have had a boring childhood. The title is enough to make anyone go hyper and feel like a kid again! Ainak Wala Jin, the most popular show on Pakistan Television ever, is returning to the big screens.

Shahzad Qaiser, who played the main character Nastoor Jin, is ready for the return and has stated, “We will start the series from where its first part ended. The drama series is being started again to provide fun in a healthy atmosphere to people belonging to all age groups including children, women and men.” After being tired of the vulgarity portrayed in the media for the sake of ‘entertainment’, Shahzad could not be happier for the return and has revealed that most of the staff is coming back.

The show achieved much success and popularity due to special effects by mere chroma key technique (a big deal in the early 1990s) and considering the fact how much the technology has evolved over the years, the show will undoubtedly be even better than before.

The show is to hit big screens on Eid-ul-Azha and as per Shahzad’s hope, it may be titled “Nastoor Jin Ki Wapsi”. This Eid, we saw Batman and Robin team up again but the next Eid definitely belongs to Nastoor and Zakoota.

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