The Sketches – Galhiyoon Har Keh Goth Main (Listen Audio)



Artist: The Sketches

Song: Galhiyoon Har Keh Goth Main

The Sketches dedicate this song to all those victim not only in Pakistan but every where in the world who are fighting for humanity, human rights, education and revolution which must take place whatever circumstance.
Sketches condemn violence either political, feudal, religious or any kind of against innocents, minorities, education, women, poor, child and Sketches salute all those who are fighting for humanity, fighting for their rights. Sketches condemn the system and state which can’t provide even one time bread, shelter, protection to their common people. Sketches salute all those who sacrificed their lives for bringing positive change in their society and all those who are still in continuos struggle being jailed, harassed, kidnapped by forces who claimed themselves as guarantees of peaceful society but badly failed and keep on harming their own people. Shame on the system where poverty keep increasing, law and order exist no where in our society and a particular class is busy sucking poor’s blood.

The Sketches “Its recorded all live one go last night so ignore if feels any flaw and we name it (A peaceful Musical journey of Four Minutes Twenty Seconds) We will release it’s complete studio version with better quality with Subtitle very soon.”

Take a listen to the song below:

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