Legendary Novelist Razia Butt Passes Away


2012 can be indeed described as a tragic one as it has been the year of the deaths of the greatest Pakistani ghazal singer Mehdi Hassan died, the death of one of the greatest comedy actors of the country, Safirullah Sidiqui aka ‘Lehri’ and now, legendary novelist Razia Butt has unfortunately passed away leaving a legacy worth a treasure behind.

Razia Butt was nothing short of best at what she did as writing was her passion. In her life, she wrote 51 novels and 350 stories. Her works threw a light upon not only children but real-life problems every person face now and then. Few of her most celebrated and well-known works are Gul Bano, Zindagi, Sarahand Aashi, Naila etc. Her most iconic novel is undoubtedly ‘Bano’. The Pakistani drama serial ‘Dastaan’ was based upon it and featured Fawad Khan and Sanam Baloch.

Razia Butt was feeling pain on her chest this Thursday and was immediately taken to a local hospital in DHA Lahore where the doctors pronounced her death. She lived a life of 89 years and her family has revealed the time of the funeral prayers after Friday’s Asar prayer.

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