Pakistani Artists Blasted over Foreign Turkish Dramas


1st Indian and then Turkish Dramas. A question arises, where has Pakistani enlightenment gone? The question should be answered by so-called active PEMRA, but they have failed to answer. Indian and Turkish dramas being aired on different Pakistani Channels have only raised the level of vulgarity in the country, and have degraded the Pakistani dramas, which some years ago were considered as a standard in Subcontinent’s drama industry.

Pakistani Artists Blasted over Foreign dramas

TV artist Syed Nabeel called upon PEMRA to enforce a code of conduct to limit the foreign channels. He quoted one of his friends; “I wish my son will say asalamualekum one day instead of namaste.”

Faisal Qureshi expressed his opinion about the matter and said that, some commodities like electricity and gas are more important to the the people, thus you cannot say that theses dramas are being aired on “public demand”.

Some legendary artists like Bushra Nasari, while talking to the media took the matter harshly and said that these dramas should not replace Pakistani, and hijack our viewership throughout the world. These were the views of some popular Pakistani TV artists on rising trend foreign dramas and most importantly replacing Pakistani serials with them.

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