“Soona Soona” by Sohail Shahzad [REVIEW]


Sohail Shahzad – a rookie with an attitude and he has a music video to prove it. With the declining situation of the Pakistani music industry, a guy like Sohail might exactly what the industry needs. Empowered with a heavy voice that is soothing and deadly at the same time, Sohail has definitely impressed the nation’s music fans with his song ‘Soona Soona’ for his album titled ‘Cocktail’.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]BrZOwXK7UZg[/youtube]

The music video for the song – which also features the talented Mohib Mirza – starts with the police investigating a murder scene while the breath taking vocals of the singer are at the background. Most of the rookies do not even dare to make a bold step of having a thriller video for their debut but Sohail Shahzad has proved that he is confident about his move and is tough as they come.

The music video features several horrific and tragic scenes such as a girl dying in the arms of a loved one, a shooting spree in a gambling club and a person being shot at the head while on the verge of talking on a cell phone. As far as the lyrics are concerned, Sohail has kept them simple but definitely made an impact to say the least.

The song is a product of the record label Infinity Musicworks and the melody as well as the lyrics for the song is composed by Sohail Shahzad by himself.

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