‘Teray Khayaloon Say’ by Siege [REVIEW]


Siege the band has certainly outdone themselves this time with their new song, in association with none other than the Pakistan Air Force. Siege has not only managed to prove that they are quality when it comes to music but also in terms of the music video as well because their newly released project excellently grabs the very essence of the resilience and determination that is filled in the country’s air force. Not only that, but the music video has also subliminally showed that Muslims and Christians can be in peace as well – something that is definitely worth looking forward to because of the current controversial religious situation in the country.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]aasj0NgsSwo[/youtube]

The song starts with the band playing in the Pakistan Air Force base where the F-16s are assembled. The vocals have a pop-rock touch and quite good for a rocker. The music video shows Pakistani pilots dressing up in their gear prior to sitting in their planes to do what they do best: make the nation proud. As the music video progresses, it shows the band members joining hands while depicting one of them being a Christian and one being a Muslim – a brilliant way to show unity.

The music video for the song is directed by Mukhtar Ali Awan whereas the direction of photography was managed by Sabeen Khan.

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