“Kuttay Bhi Tum Say Achay Hain” by Faakhir, a Dissapointment


Well, you cannot give the guy credit for trying to make a wakeup call for the Pakistani youth. Faakhir Mehmood, a legend of the Pakistani music industry in his own right – being active since the last twenty years – recently released a song titled “Kuttay Bhi Tum Say Achay Hain” which desperately failed to make an impact among not only his fans but among the nation itself.

The lyrics though being clever and true, were not met with a response as expected as they crossed the line of decency. Some might say that the pop singer crossed the line by calling the Pakistani politicians charsi and bhangi in his new song.

Faakhir has reached amazing heights in his career mostly by means of romantic songs – Mahi Ve, Kaash and Jiya Na Jaye to name a few – but it looks like a song showing the reflections of the heavily corrupt nature of the politicians of Pakistan is not his thing; an opinion which most of the die-hard fans of the singer agrees on as shown in popular social networking sites. However, Faakhir cannot let this get him down as he still has some years ahead of him and being a legend, is perfectly aware of the fact that ups and downs in a career are bound to happen and failure can come across the path just as success can.

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