T20 World Cup Song ‘Again’ by Ali Imtiaz Video and REVIEW


No, this is not just another cricket song by some guy desperately trying to become a musician. Actually, it sort of is but what makes this song unique is that it is in English Language – something which most of the rising stars do not even dare to do if entering the mainstreams with the big dogs in their mind.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]cVNdS_u1FbA[/youtube]

The song is performed by a student of FAST-NUCES (Lahore campus) Ali Imtiaz who aims to dedicate it to his fellow countrymen, the Pakistani Cricket team and The Assets – Pakistani students who have deprived themselves from studies. The English accent of the rising star is good on the mic and even better when it rhythms. The video for the track is long but a simple one as it features himself singing, his friends studying and clips of the hard and good moments of the Pakistani cricket team.

The music for the track is managed by Hassaan and Shehreyar (Krypton Guys), production by Rhythm Music and Productions, XeKryps Studio and Productions and the lyrics, composition and direction is managed by Ali Imtiaz himself. Overall, the attempt is good but it is going to take far more than a mere patriotic song in order to become one with the big boys.

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