‘Man Kunto Maula’ by Abbas Ali Khan [REVIEW]


Abbas Ali Khan is back and this time with a pop-rock version of Hazrat Amir Khusrau’s mesmerizing kalam ‘Man Kunto Maula’ from his upcoming album ‘Sufi Synthesis Project’. The kalam has been covered and resung by various big names in the music industry and with the soothing voice that Abbas has, his version is exceptionally good.

“This is a very contemporary version of ‘Man Kunto Maula’. I used the original tune but added some new parts as well which I composed myself,” said Abbas. “But I request people to not compare it with Abidajee and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s renditions as their versions are different. This kalam has been sung in various styles over the past 800 years.”

Like many of his previous songs, this one also starts with slow vocals and gradually increases to its height as the instruments start doing their thing. Abbas has out done himself with this cover in terms of vocals and video, as well as the graphic effects used multiplies the background and him too; something not done before in any of his previous videos. Abbas explains, “The video depicts symbolic imagery as I think no side story would have done justice to this kalam — as a result we decided on a performance-based video with motion graphics.”

Click here to watch -> Abbas Ali Khan’s Man Kunto Maula

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