Decline of Pashto Music


Yo Yo Yo – Yes, that is pretty much what sums up the scenario and popularity of the once much admired Pashto music in Pakistan. With the bands such as the Pashto rap band Fortitude and their experimentations with Pashto music and hip hop genre, many old school musicians felt that Pashto music has not only lost its charm but has straight out declined despite the fans’ taste for the new breed; thus leaving Pashto music veterans such as Mashooq Sultan, Mahjabeen Qazalbash, Hidayatullah with extremely less audience.

Old school Pashto music had meaningful lyrics which narrated real life experiences of great men throughout history in such a way that the audience was able to connect itself to it but that has drastically changed over the years. Pashto musician Hidayatullah states, “Singers prefer songs which have good poetry, today’s music might be popular but it’s not meaningful.” Feeling how serious the situation is, he further adds, “Common people don’t understand what good poetry is — they just want upbeat music and this is exactly what today’s musicians are catering to.”

To add spice to the dish, many legendary Pashto musicians are displeased with the fact that today’s musicians are not devoted to their profession. What ever the case may be, you be the judge whether adding “bling bling” to Pashto music scene is a jump to the top or a sign of decline.

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