Fuzon Band gets new lead vocalist Khurram Iqbal


Fuzon Band new vocalist Khurram IqbalPakistani Band Fuzon has been revitalized once again and this time the band members, Immu and Shallum, have put their faith on a young, talented and classical-trained singer, Khurram Iqbal.

Khurram Iqbal, who participated in an Indian reality show “Saregamapa Singing Superstar” in 2010, has now officially become lead vocalist of Pakistani band “Fuzon”. He replaced the previous vocalist, Rameez Mukhtar.

The impressive Khurram Iqbal:

Khurram Iqbal has participated in Indian Realtiy TV show “Saregamapa Singing Superstar” in 2010. During his visit in India he was complimented by various legendary artists.

Daler Mehndi said he found God in his voice while leading music composer Ismail Darbar told him that the sky is the limit for the young singer. On the show, Oscar award winning singer and songwriter AR Rahman performed a duet on one of his own compositions with the 22-year-old and Bollywood actor Salman Khan revered him for the honesty embedded in his voice and embraced him.

Khurram Iqbal on joining Fuzon Band

Iqbal was mesmerized when Fuzon offered him to join them as their vocalist and he then agreed in lending his vocals to the band. When he was asked about his opinion, he said,”I couldn’t believe it – singing for Fuzon is huge, Senior musicians like Shallum Xavier and Immu have trusted me with this, so it’s my duty to give my best and contribute to the band as positively as I can.”

Fuzon Band was formed back in 2001 and the band’s debut album “Saagar” was released the year after. With powerful vocals of Shafqat Amanat and great melodies set by Immu and Shallum, the band reached to great heights. Unfortunately, the band coudn’t remain united and Shafqat decided to go with his solo career. Rameez Mukhtar joined the band later and did an album called “Journey” with Fuzon. Khurram Iqbal is the new & third lead vocalist of the band Fuzon.

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