Lead the Way by “Keeray Makoray”


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Song: Lead the Way

Band: Keeray Makoray

Vocalist: Altamash Sever

Bass: Zain Peerzada

Guitars: Misbah Uddin & Luke Azariah

Drums: The Ramay Bro’s


Lived life in fear
For the lives of those dear
Sitting on this hill alone
I see no future of my own
We pretend like is alright
Feeling a sense of demise
Hope comes and goes
A flame turned to smoke

So pick up your arms and fight for your land
Its the only hope you must understand
This world does not want you to thrive
Your death will be rewarded you will be awarded

Tell me where to go
Please lead the way
I’ve taken my time to decide
Now i must do what seems right

A shadow in the sky
Made clear in the light
I run for my life
A scream in the night
Smoke blinds my eyes
As i struggle to find
The corpse of a child
My brothers demise

So i pick up my arms and fight for my land
Its the only hope i must understand
This world does not want me alive
My death will be rewarded i will be awarded

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