Faha Removes Aisam’s Pictures From Her Facebook Profile


Wife of Pakistani tennis star has confirmed the reports of the separation between the couple and she also said that their elders are try to clear the matters between both the families. She said that both of them( Aisam and Faha) are pretty serious about the divorce will their parents now wanted to pull the catapult.

She said on her Facebook page: “I’m really upset. People are forcing me to speak more about my relationship with Aisam. I want to make it clear that I’m yet to sign the divorce papers, while Aisam has already signed them. Our families failed to reach a unanimous decision and hence we can’t stay together anymore until a miracle takes place, which is highly unlikely”.

She also added that the misunderstandings between the couple has reached the level of no return, and that results into separation.“I respect Ehtashaam Uncle,(father of Aisam) but he is wrong over here. Aisam and I are not happy with each other and Aisam has signed divorce papers”. Faha said.

She also added,“Aisam has a very busy life. He plays tennis for 38 weeks in a year. He never gave me enough time. He never treated me as a wife”,

When questioned about her Facebook display picture, she answered, “I’ve changed my display picture as well just because everybody compelled me to do so. I don’t want anything related to Aisam at the moment.”

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