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Hip hop music is not much appreciated in Pakistan but this song deserves a review. The eccentric rapper Lazarus has released a rap song titled ‘Copycat’ and did quite a job at it as it will certainly make you go “Yo Yo Yo”. The rapper has made it clear that his new rap song is specifically addressed to fellow rapper Kanye West because he bit ‘God Flow’.

The song attempts to have quite a boost from the very beginning as the intro is done by none other than the World Wrestling Entertainment’s former World Heavyweight Champion, the world’s strongest man Mark Henry. Mark introduces Lazarus and welcomes the listeners and then starts the catchy beat following Lazarus’ edgy style of rapping.

The content of the rap song is mainly connected to Lazarus’ claims of doing incredible things and clearly expressing his personal views on Kanye West and being pissed off as the latter bit the song ‘God Flow’. As good as the rap song might be, it is just three minutes long but because of the clever lyrics and the much catchy beats, the song is definitely worth listening to.

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