Dareecha Opens Its First Retail Outlet in Lahore


Last week, Pakistani fashion was met with a bang as Dareecha launched its very first retail outlet at the Vogue Towers in Lahore. For 40 years, it has been playing quite a part in shaping the modern fashion sense in Pakistan particularly when it comes to pashmina shawls. Initially, the sales concerned solely to Liberty Market’s Saleem Fabrics; prompting a loyal customer to say, “I always used to wonder who made the shawls I used to buy from Saleem Fabrics and now I am so happy that there is a store with a wide range of collection available under one roof.”

The launch was a major step for the upcoming fashion trends in Pakistan. Dareecha’s launch organizer Arsalan Ahmed said, “The most important thing to notice here is the quality of the product and the price they are offering it at. I mean a shawl for PKR15,000 is very reasonable for an item of this quality.”

Their clothes come in a lot variety as many were either hand-made or machine embroidered. Seeing that a three-piece suit costs PKR5,000, it is safe to say that the prices are quite reasonable in their own right. With summer at its peak, this was certainly what the fashion slaves of Pakistan has been waiting for.

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