Sayeen Ali Gul Pir discusses “Waderai Ka Beta” song


Sayeen – perhaps currently the most used word by the Pakistani youth online. The craze started when the enthusiastic Pakistani Stand up Comedian Ali Gul Pir released his first song ‘Waderai Ka Beta’ online. The song quickly became an instant hit and met with a positive feedback by the music fans all over Pakistan. Due to urge of his fans to know more about the inner Ali, the famed singer finally managed to take some time about his moments of writing down the lyrics and shooting the music video.

Ali Gul Pir has revealed in a recent interview that he once woke up and began to pen down the clever and catchy lyrics for the song ‘Waderai Ka Beta’. Within just two hours, the song was born. Ali later discussed the concept of the song with his friends and eventually began working on it. The music video was shot entirely in Karachi, mainly near the Sea View Area, and was edited by Ali’s friend, Raza Arif. The production management was under the control of Usama Sami. After hard effort on the theme, music and the video, the song was finally uploaded online.

Upon its online release, the song gained quite a huge popularity and the name Ali Gul Pir gained an overnight success. Ali Gul Pir, by means of email and texts, later thanked in the interview to all the fans for making a dream come true. As of now, the song has received more than nine hundred thousand hits and soon it will hit the milestone of a million views.

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