Poor Rich Boy; Finger (Official Video)


[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]FtFcCUULO0E[/youtube]


Artist:  Poor Rich Boy

Song:  Finger

from the upcoming “Old Money” album.

Recorded and Produced at :  Poor Rich Boy Studios

Do you know what it feels like throwing all your diamonds in the sea? Poor Rich Boy definitely knows that because this band from Lahore took all their potential and talent and flushed it down the toilet. Their new music video ‘Finger’ opens up with the lead vocalist singing, homely struggles and other random activities and scenes such as parrots in a small cage, the band members doing jumping jacks, covering the whole face by tape etc. In other words, the music video lacks the message (I doubt that there was even one) it was trying to give.

I must admit that for a Pakistani band, Poor Rich Boy shows exceptional English speaking skills in their new song but the talent is a waste and putrid because the lyrics do not make any sense at all nor does the video. The music video proves that the band is not familiar with neither bathing nor appropriate social behavior because while reaching the climax of the video, a face drawn on the belly by lipstick is shown depicting kisses at the screen.

Apart from the uncouth and much ill-mannered actions shown in the video, the band undoubtedly has a good acoustic guitar player as well as an English language vocalist. With all the indecency and questionable intentions of the band, it is with a sad heart I must say that Poor Rich Boy flushed all their talent down the toilet.

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