Drummer Waqar Khan says Good Bye to Entity Paradigm


    Waqar Khan Left EPThe long time drummer of Pakistan’s most popular Rock Band EP, Waqar Khan, has finally decided to say Good Bye to the Band.

    Waqar Khan (aka Wacky) announced his decision on Facebook in these words:

    Goodbye ‘Entity Paradigm’ and good luck with the upcoming video. 12 years of interesting times, it is time say ADIOS!!


    This new development suggests that the band has somehow reached to a saturation point, where some of its members now believe that it would not make any progress further. Only an year back, the band was reunited after a long break-up. Their come back with a patriotic music video Shor Macha was a BLAST! Now as the band was moving towards completing its second album, and releasing a new video, this news has come up.

    It is worth mentioning here that Waqar Khan recently got engaged and his decision might be the result of his personal committments. We can’t say much but this gonna seriously hurt the credibility of the band, as one by one each member is leaving it.

    We are still looking forward to EP’s new video to see what this “Ajab Tamasha” is all about.

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