The Sketches feat. Akbar Khamiso Khan – Rano (Audio/Video Review)


After getting my hands on The Sketches’ “Nind Nashe Vich” song, it’s time for me to investigate on their new song called “Rano”. Along with Jansher and Naeem Shah on guitars and Saif Samejo on vocals, “Rano” features Akber Khamiso Khan playing the Alghoza – a typical Sindhi folk instrument. The latter is the son of Ustad Khamiso Khan who was renowned as a great Alghoza player.

According to The Sketches themselves, the song “Rano” is created to “let the new generation know more about” Sindh and its music, melodies, culture, and traditions. It’s also “made to promote the folk instruments” of Sindh, which the band believes, are very rare now.

For the audio, I believe “Rano” truly remains intact to the original message – to promote Sindhi music and its melodies – and the identity of The Sketches band. Also to note is how perfectly Saif Samejo, with his powerful voice, manages to cope up brilliantly with the astonishing amalgamation of Alghoza and guitars.

As far as the music and the poetry of The Sketches’ band is concerned, their songs have always had such deep meaning in them. However, to understand each and every word, translations are a necessity – especially for the non-Sindhi folks. So in that way, it was sorta refreshing to see the band provide the translations after not-doing-so in “Nind Nashe Vich”.

Vis-à-vis the audio, the video of “Rano” does justice in terms of promoting the values of Sindh, its culture, music, and melodies. The video song manages to capture a flawlessly lighthearted Sindhi look so far that the video director’s work needs to be praised.

Even though “Rano” could’ve been a bit lengthier, it doesn’t restrain it from the fact that it is a perfect example of how a Sindhi folk song works and, in which, you also get to hear such beautiful and mesmerizing sounds of an Alghoza.


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