Mathira’s Top Fell Down at Fashion Pakistan Week 3 Day 1 [Pic/Video]


Mathira Top Fall in Fashion Pakistan Week 3 Day 1

The infamous model and TV Host Mathira now better knows how to be in “The News” all the time. After her successful controversial naked photoshoot, she brings another publicity stunt to notice. This time LIVE in front of hundreds of people who were seeing the ramp walk of Fashion Pakistan Week 3 in Karachi.

Mathira walked on the ramp at day 1, wearing Saima Chaudhri’s wardrobe and before she could end up successfully, her top fell down, leaving the audience jaw dropped on the awkward situation. However, Mathira was confident enough and didn’t feel embarrassed on the moment. Mathira finished her ramp walk just like nothing had happened.

Since it happened last night, people are discussing whether it was just a “wardrobe malfunction” or a pre-planned publicity stunt to make FPW and Mathira Go Viral. It is interesting to note that both Mathira and FPW3 are trending locally on twitter today.

Later Mathira also tweeted, “Yeah, so what if my top fell down ? ” confirming that it did happen and she DOESN’T CARE AT ALL.

Here is one exclusive clip of her ramp walk where she lost control over her wardrobe:



Update: Mathira, while talking to a local fashion blogger, said that it was something happened by mistake and mistakes happen by human beings and she is also a human being. She further said, good and bad things happen in life, IT WASN’T THAT BAD!


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