The Sketches – Nind Nashe Vich (Audio/Video Review)


Formed in 2003, The Sketches –– a sufi-pop-rock band hailing from the roots of the beautiful city of Jamshoro, Sindh –– made it big last year when they were featured in the fourth season of Coke Studio, which is by far the most-watched and most-loved show when it’s on the air. The band, comprising of vocalist Saif Samejo and guitarist Naeem Shah, is known for their popularity in Sindh.

More on, the way they express their music is rather unique in its own way –– the brilliant mixture of classical Sindhi poetry and modern-style trademarked-Sketches guitar. According to Saif and Naeem, The Sketches’ music is all about promoting the lovely culture of Sindh, its traditions, and Sindhi folk.

Nind Nashe Vich is one of the most popular songs of The Sketches as it has already had more than 60,000 views in 50 days. The song had an earlier version which featured Fahim Alan Fakir, son of the legendary Pakistani Sufi musician Alan Fakir. However, with no particular reason explained, the band decided to come-up with a fresh version, expelling the powerful voice of Fahim Alan Fakir, and thus removing the oomph of the song.

The audio starts off slowly and smoothly –– with the amalgamation of an instrument called tabla, playing along with the stunning guitars of Naeem Shah, and in the background you could hear the vigorous vocals of Saif Samejo warming it up lightly. As we move on, another –– yet new, in terms of The Sketches’ music –– instrument comes into the play; nagara.

The pace, nonetheless, picks up casually afterwards, thus adding a whole new dimension into the song. It’d have been better though if the band would’ve provided the translations, just like they’ve done with their previous songs. To sum up, as far as the audio is concerned, Nind Nashe Vich is one of the few tracks of The Sketches that never gets you in boredom; instead, it grows on you and leaves a calming effect.

The video, directed by Zeeshan Ahmed and edited by Khurram Naveed, serves the purpose of exhibiting the radiant city of Jamshoro well. Not only the director and editor, the cameraman also deserves full credit in bringing up refreshing images from the fertile land of Jamshoro.

Right after Junoon and Abida Parveen, The Sketches band are the only artistes whom I could call as “the (new) pioneers of Sufi music”. Their work, in my personal opinion, will always be remembered in ages to come due to its never-ending love for promoting not only the Sufi music of Pakistan but also the particular Sindhi folk.


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