Shaan Escaped Serious Injury While Filming Acha Gujjar


Recently, while shooting an action sequence in Lahore’s Iqbal Town for Acha Gujjar, a Punjabi film, Shaan injured himself. But it was just an ordinary cut or rash, but it was a minor back injury to land him in Razzaq Hospital in Shalimar Bagh.

Now for the next three weeks, he has been medically advised to have bed rest. He was filming a duel with co-star Shafqat Cheema according to Masood Butt, the film’s director. But he was injured when the car hit him, which was supposed to be part of the scene in another manner.

Butt said:

“He flew forward in the air around 7 feet, luckily he is alright and he will be resting.”

However, for a little moment there was a scare that he might have damaged himself permanently.

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