Mustafa Zahid Left in Middle of His Performance in Royal Palm Lahore Concert


Recently, Roxen band’s lead vocalist Mustafa Zahid left in the middle of his performance in Lahore’s Royal Palm on 10th March, due to his mic constantly getting disconnected. He is already known for his bad temper as well as being in the media gossip columns for his various relationships with one or another celebrity.

This time though it is due to his anger that he openly disappointed in front of his fans that he got into a bad limelight. Due to his smashing of the mic on the stage floor, it broke into pieces. In his anger he left the stage and the rest of the band members then also packed up their musical instruments to follow him.

Backstage, it was Ali Zafar reportedly who calmed Mustafa Zahid down. When asked for a comment, Mustafa Zahid refused any discussion on the matter.

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