JAL will Release its Third Music Album Piyaas in April, Gohar Mumtaz Wishes to Work in Bollywood Film


JAL, the Pakistani rock band, is now all set to release their third music album called Piyaas in April. Their previous two albums, Aadat and Boondh, received considerable success. They have been recently invited by Ram Lal Anand College for performing in Delhi. The band recently had to stop performing in a concert due to protests from extremist religious outfit in India.

Despite all of this, the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist Gohar Mumtaz is very excited to be in India. He looks forward to working in Bollywood. He feels no differences between Lahore and Delhi. Breaking up of bands is nothing new in Pakistan and it is not the first time that JAL had to split up its members either.

About this Gohar said recently in an interview to Times of India that:

“It’s unfortunate. Frankly, we knew about Atif that he had plans to part away, but Farhan leaving the band came as a sudden shock for all of us. Farhan plans to get into solo singing and hence shared his idea one day with us. We had no objection and it is over 8 months that Farhan has left the band however we don’t feel the vacuum anymore. It was shocking and took us some time to get back to work again. But yes, I never wanted to stop singing and I feel the band is still popularly known to all and would like to continue giving good music in future too. We are soon planning to release our third album called Piyaas in month of April. It is like a dream project.”

Gohar had previously worked in stage plays and he always wanted to be an actor. But somehow he is a singer now. He said that he has been offered two Bollywood films, but has not planned anything yet about getting on board to do them. He is a huge fan of Aamir Khan and thinks that one day he will eventually star in a Bollywood movie.

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