MSN Pakistan steals content from Local Blogs and Bloggers (Proof)


This is the third part of the series, Read my earlier two posts before starting this one.

Part 1. Pakistani Blogs Shamelessly copying content from Pakium

Part 2. Dear Bloggers, did you get the call from MSN Pakistan? I got !

So, I was hurt that our original written content was being copied (without any permission) and that too on a big portal like MSN Pakistan. Now you guys will be saying what actually is wrong with me and why I am accusing such big entity for plagiarism. So to prove my allegations, I have collected all the evidences and all the posts that have been ripped on MSN Pakistan. Not only mine, but of many other Pakistani Blogs and publications.

Lets start with Pakium content that is being used without permission:

Go to PK.MSN.COM/NEWS and at the right sidebar, see the “Most Viewed” section:

You’ll find two posts there that you have already first seen or read on Pakium. These are:

On number 1: Mathira Naked Photoshoot for Valentines Day

On number 4: Pakistani Morning TV Shows or mourning shows? (guest post first published on Pakium)

“Oh yes, we read that first on Pakium. So what ? It is also possible that you guys are ripping content off MSN and accusing them for doing the same.” Okay my friends, now lets go to the big daddy for help.

I searched on google for the post title, “Mathira Naked Photoshoot” and here are the results:

Mathira Naked Photoshoot google search


Today when I am writing this, its 20th February and Google in the screenshot above tells that Pakium posted the article on 12th Februrary. Statestime and then PK MSN published it 6 days ago, so 19-6 = 13

PK MSN posted it on 13th February i.e a day after the post was actually published on Pakium. See on PK MSN SITE

Now read the whole text and compare it with this one:

Also, on PK MSN Site check the blunder Mr. H did. After the last line,

“Without further ado, here is Mathira holding red rosses with a hot man.”

He forgot to post the picture there OR may be didn’t read the last line of article. Now you can understand the skill level of Mr. MSN Pakistan Editor

Let’s move forward

There are many more posts from various other local blogs/publication that have been SYNDICATED on MSN Pakistan without any permission or courtesy. I will only be giving reference for “Entertainment” category


Actress Meera alleges shoaib akhtar of stalking:


Posted on PK MSN:

Lets take a look onto their back up blog from where they transport the content to PK MSN

Here is the site:

Navigate to entertainment section and you will be find there:

Koolmuzone’s list of top covers got ripped:

Original :

Copied on Statestimes:


Pakistan Today’s Story regarding “Ayesha Baksh wedding” got ripped:


On Statestime:


Look at the formatting Mr. Editor did for Ayesha Khan post

First , he copy pasted the WHOLE NEWS from Pakistan Today, after that he posted her WHOLE BIOGRAPHY and then uploaded and added all the pictures found from internet, under the post.

WOW this is how the content is generated, formatted and published on MSN Pakistan.


ProPakistani’s post on “Adult Sites got banned in Pakistan”:


Copied on MSN Pakistan:


Hence, Proved !

Now it has been proved that content is being pulled off from local blogs and being published on a big portal like MSN Pakistan. But why the hell, some Mr. H, Statetimes and Al-Qamar are getting all the credit. They should have some know-how about the work they have been doing. They are STEALING content that too for a reputable online entity like MSN. Online media don’t really work this way.

What I have understood is that Statestimes OR Mr. H has a deal with MSN Pakistan or MSN Arabia to bring them “localized stuff”. To provide the giant with localized stuff, they are moving here and there like bots and scrapping local stuff without even approaching the owners for permission of syndication.

They must be making huge money out of this deal. But WHY THE HELL they are not spending money to HIRE PROPER BLOGGERS and pay them off for their unique content produced.

Irony here is also that Pakistani Telecom and advertising Companies are also supporting and advertising on MSN PAKISTAN NEWS Page. I am not sure which digital media agency is placing and booking ad for MSN Pakistan News Page, but they should send a warning notice to them for serving plagiarized content to the visitors of MSN Pakistan.

What’s Next ?

Ahh… I now feel a bit relaxed after bringing out all my wrath. Now, my next move is to File a DMCA notice against MSN Pakistan so that the folks at MSN HQ can get to know what’s actually happening at their portal. I will also be pitching all the local publishers whose content is being ripped. A Few of them are Pakistan Today, Express Tribune, ProPakistani and Koolmuzone.

Disclaimer:  I am not just doing this for myself OR my blog. Pakistani Blogs and publishers are already in watch-list in the books of Google Adsense for plagiarizing and then trying to monetize the content. Lets take this opportunity to aware all our Pakistani Youth and new publishers about the consequences of Copy-Pasting.

Enough is Enough now! Write your own For God Sake !

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