Pakistani Blogs that are shamelessly copying Content From PakiUM


In Last few months, Pakium has seen an amazing progress and growth, both in terms of traffic and its quality. Quite recently, we invested on a Premium word press theme and revamped the site with a new layout. We also hired a couple of “paid authors” who are now responsible to keep our blog updated on the daily basis.

These all were the investments that are now bringing success to and we have been noticing a substantial increase in our traffic stats and readership. No Copy PasteHaving said that, Today I am deeply saddened with the state of some newbie website owners and publishers. Our content has been shamelessly copied by various blogs. This is not really a new thing for me, as I have been seeing all these things since I started blogging back in 2008. But the way this trend is growing is quite alarming.

These new web publishers, who think installing wordpress and adding content into it will make their blog and site popular, are shamelessly copying content from various other sources including Pakium. They are not even aware of the ethics of blogging. Let alone ethics, they don’t have idea what can be the consequences of it.

What has been my blogging experience in Entertainment Industry ?

I had been dealing and co-ordinating with some web masters in this regard for quite some time. After discussing it with some concerned bloggers/promoters I had convinced a couple of them that copy-pasting stuff is not just detrimental to THEIR BLOG , but it may also ruin the credibility of Our blog. I convinced one, then two and finally 4 website owners close to me, who were also picking articles off our site occasionally, were convinced.

So and so, I was satisfied with the WIN that I had convinced some fellow bloggers. But soon after that, this trend doubled and now the number of sites plagiarizing content is so much that I can’t even think of going to them personally and convince them to STOP DOING THAT.

Just moments ago, one such discussion has led me to a quarrel with a website that “Manages Artists”.  Yeah, I had reported the folks at PMM.NET.PK earlier that their publication is copy pasting our articles. But little did they take it serious and noticed it. But today again, when I reported that a post has been copied again into their publication without permission, they were of the view;

“we took that from falan website [] “

So they had actually accepted that they COPIED but not directly from Pakium , but from other site.

Upon asking to remove the content, they had the view that first get it removed from THAT WEBSITE then we will remove from our site. Now this was the height and it led me to write this whole blog post today to aware our fellow “Brathers” or “Braggers” that this is not done. DO SOMETHING OF YOUR OWN PLEASE !


What Blog Owners/Content Writers Need To Know?

The World and Media is definitely turning around Online things. But Content writers and Blog Owners need to understand that we can’t now COPY-PASTE some stuff and put that on our blog. Its 2012 now, (not 2008)where we used to pull content off from other sites and get paid via Google Adsense. Now the rules are changed and deviating from them can seriously create trouble for your blog.

Google has introduced a content farm update called Google Panda. Panda panelizes  those sites in Search Engine rankings that RIP content from other sources. In simple words, it means that If you copy articles/news or TEXT from any other website, you will get penalized in Google Search Engine. And For your information, ALL THE POPULAR BLOGS get a substantial share of their traffic from Google Search. Even Pakium gets 73% of its traffic through Google Search. Now the blog owners need to think seriously about this and should avoid pulling content from other sites.

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