Delayed Pakistani Film The Dusk Finally Goes to the Censor Board


The long awaited Pakistani Film The Dusk Finally goes to the Censor Board to get the clarification notice.

The debut film made by Salman Khan and Uzma Khan has been circling in the news about its delayed release. The cast also includes the veteran actor Zaib Rehman. The film has finally gone to the Censor Board due to which its release has been delayed. It was supposed to be released a few months ago. The film is a social-drama produced by Wajahat Kazmi Films & Shahzad Nasib and has been directed by Z-Shan Kazmi as a debut director.

The film will cover social issues such as the cases of missing persons, drone attacks in Pakistan, and how all of this impact people’s lives. The film is essentially a story of a newly married couple, played by Salman Khan and Uzma Khan as Ali and Fatima respectively. Ali is kidnapped just after their marriage, with no contact and demands from his kidnappers. This creates a mystery and tension in the film.

Regarding the film’s delayed release, Wajahat Kazmi said:

“We were trying to release the film for quite a long time but obviously there were some issues that needed to be sort out first so, as other things got settled we thought this would be the best time and so we took the film to Censor Board.”

But the release of the film still depends on how fast the Censor Board clears the film to be in theatres. Wajahat said:

“At the moment it’s solely dependent on the Censor board. If all goes as planned and if there wouldn’t be any issues with film censorship, we would release it on 23rd March all over the country.”

The filmmakers have made everything else certain about the release. Wajahat expressed hope further saying:

“Talks with the exhibitors all over Pakistan are partly done and partly underway, and that their main concern is again the censor board clarification that will be confirmed in few weeks.”

The film is indeed one of the most-awaited films of this year in Pakistan with the country’s cinema depending on success of such well-made films that have story, drama, direction and acting, in short, reflecting positively on the surviving talent of filmmaking.

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