Pakistani Morning TV shows become Mourning shows?


By Rehan Shahzada

channels airing morning tv showsOnce upon a time when there was only one channel  called “PTV” (Pakistan Television) and the people of Pakistan were emotionally attached to this channel not because of their hosts but the amount of filtered entertainment which was the symbol of PTV and which truly represented the ideology and culture of that 80’s and 90’s era.

Let’s move to 21st century where we all are living and It’s amazing how the artificially filled Morning TV shows have become an inevitable part of almost all of our Pakistani TV channels today. Hosted by the renowned actors and actresses, the ratings of these shows are ramping up every day.

I know a lot of women around me who are crazy about these shows. The idea behind these morning shows is not very novel because in early days of PTV, Mustansar Husain Tarrar and others of great repute also used to host morning shows which would not only be engaging but would also contain some good and meaningful message.

Comparing all the morning shows, the one which catched the eyeballs recently not for its supremacy but for the act they performed in parks of Karachi. Yes! You are right! We are talking about Pakistani Crime-mourning show host(not morning) Maya Khan!!!! (often called Now “Pyar ki dushman”).

Maya khan on Samaa TVAccording to sources, her show had not been one of the highest-rated morning shows in Pakistan, that used to be on aired by the name of “Subah sawaray Maya kay sath”. The TRPs of this show was constantly on decline due to the fact that Shaista Wahidi Of “Utho Jago Pakistan” and Nida Yasir of “ARY” were so popular among the viewers that it is hard to expect from Maya khan to make her place in  the heart of Pakistani Viewers.

Well we have seen that media has already been written so much about her and opposed against Maya’s raid on dating couples , but not many people know that there is a lot more to condemn and she had done even worst things in her show before this incident, she had been convicted on being faked and presented herself so emotional about social problems of Pakistani people.

One show I still remember when she called a “Peer” who claimed that he is an Holy man(Nauzubillah) with some spiritual powers. Later, he had arrested by Police of making false rumors about his personality. Maya Khan didn’t even apologize to her viewers that how could she called a “fake peer” on her show without any formal investigation, totally ridiculous and disgusting. We also can’t ruled out that she did it deliberately to increase the ratings of her show and the way she acted, hmm! To be very honest I don’t have words to say! Just check it out by yourself.


Now let’s talk about that particular show  in which Khan and around a dozen other men and women chased down young couples in a seaside park in the southern city of Karachi. Several couples raced away from the group. One young man put on a motorcycle helmet to hide his identity, while his female friend covered her face with a veil.

Khan finally accosted one couple sitting on a bench and exposed them with questions about whether they were married and whether their parents knew they were there. The man said the couple was engaged and asked Khan to shut off her cameras and microphone. She lied and said they were off.

I won’t show you the video you that might have seen so many times on Youtube but I’d show you the real face of maya khan which is totally contradicting and her acts.

This is a report which has created by some private media news channel and what they said check it out;


Maya khan had to pay the aftermath of this show in form of her sacking. Samaa TV  has fired morning show host maya khan and her team, and has said that her show will be taken off the air. The role of Pemra(Pakistan electronic media regulating Authority) could have been more vital in this matter because at the end of the day Samaa Tv has washed their hands by terminating Maya Khan just because of the reactions they were not expecting, otherwise this show might still have run on Samaa Tv.

At last I’d say All these Morning TV shows have done is to promote vulgarity and show off. They enforced people to showcase their wealth, become a part of the race of expensive clothing, shoes and Jewelry. And also create a culture where petty talks are encouraged, They normally showcase that part of the world that is beyond the imagination and reality. This is also our responsibility to condemn and boycott these type of shows because at the end of the day, If we won’t do this then surely we need to be ready and face the consequences in the form of another type of new Maya Khan.


Rehan Shahzada is a blogger and an MPA of Sindh Youth Parliament. He is currently pursuing his BBA in Bahria University, Karachi. You may know more about him and read his blogs on Rehan can be approached through his facebook page and you can also tweet him @Rehan_Shahzada

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