Atif Aslam is done with his Fourth Studio Album


Atif Aslam new studio albumIt’s been a long time since superstar singer Atif Aslam released a studio album. Over the years, he has been busy with everything except releasing his original music. Be it gigs/concerts, movie soundtracks, making music with Guns n Roses, acting in Bol Movie or appearing in Coke Studio, he has done it all. But now finally we are hearing that there is something of his own coming, which has been cooked already and in the final phase of production now.

While talking to Instep today, Atif Aslam revealed that his 4th studio album is already recorded and he is done with it. However, he is not releasing the album as he wants to make some changes to finalize it. It is also uncertain though that when Atif Aslam talks about his 4th studio album, it is his OWN album or the one in which he has collaborated with Guns n Roses, through the help of Sonic Peacemakers. Atif Aslam also looked confuse with his decision of  releasing music when he said:

“I am not releasing it(album) on purpose. However, I am still in the process of thinking that whether I have to do commercial music or non-commercial music.”

It seems like superstar is stuck somehwere and is not being able to make up his mind for the things he will be doing in the future. Whatever the case may be, he has got huge fan base not just in sub-continent but in the every part of the world. Where his commercial music/shows can make him even more bucks and bring her more fans and fame, his non-commerical music can win the hearts of those who made him the real star that he is now.

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