Mizraab Band releases Unplugged 2012 album online, Download Now


Mizaraab band releases an unplugged album online, that contains half a dozen tracks which were originally released with their debut album “Maazi Haal Mustaqbil”. These revamped and unplugged tracks were originally performed at MTV unplugged show which unfortunately couldn’t get aired. Below are the album details, credits and links to download mp3s and stream all the kickass unplugged songs online.

Mizraab – Unplugged
Release Date: 21st January 2012
Genre: Acoustic
Playing Time: 39 Minutes
Label: Internet Release

Faraz Anwar: Vocals & Lead Guitars
Muhammad Muzammil: Rhythm Guitars
Ferdinand Goveas: Bass Guitar
Irfan Charlie: Drums

Download Audios:

1. Meri Terhan (Unplugged) – (8:52 Min)
2. Woh Aur Main (Unplugged) – (5:43 Min)
3. Panchi (Unplugged) – (7:33 Min)
4. Ujalon Main (Unplugged) – (4:25 Min)
5. Kitni Saadian (Unplugged) – (7:09 Min)
6. Izhar (Unplugged) – (5:21 Min)


Courtesy: Mizraab’s Official Website

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