Ismaeel Qasim launches debut music video NA JAA


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Ismaeel Qasim has officially released his Debut Music Video of the song ‘NA JAA’. The music video was exclusively launched on January 10th at 12:00am. The music video has been shown all-over on youtube and facebook.

‘NA JAA’ was directed by Ardent Lone who has worked with various artists in the industry. The audio was produced by Saad Sultan at the Sidereal Studios. The lyrics and composition were made by Ismaeel Qasim himself. The video was shot-out at various locations including Ismaeel Qasim’s own farmhouse near the commercial area of Raiwand.

“The video was on hold for some time, and now has been released at the right time” Ismaeel Qasim said.” The music video of Na Jaa as being my first, has been a little challenging, but has been a great hit, and has also been really appreciated by my fans all over”. He said enthusiastically.

Ismaeel Qasim with his fresh sound and soulful music is rapidly making it up to the top of the music industry of Pakistan. The reason for his rising success is the fact that the lyrics of the songs of Ismaeel Qasim are very touchy, and are very much close to reality. It is not hard to acknowledge this video’s getting along very well with the anthemic lyrics and feel of the song. He grabbed attention from a lot of fans all over Pakistan with his debut song ‘Dost’. It was a major success and a very good start for Ismaeel’s career. Another ground-breaking song by Ismaeel Qasim was ‘Duniya’. The song is still been hummed by the fans, as this song takes the fans to another world of music. The fans also follow Ismaeel Qasim on his fanpage on facebook.

‘NA JAA’ has already received extra ordinary feedback by fans. ‘NA JAA’ also got more than 2000 views on the first day after its release on youtube. The young talented artist, Ismaeel Qasim is stepping forward every day, and with the help of his fans and his good graces, he will rise higher.

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