Atif Aslam’s Concert Causes Three Deaths Due to Overcapacity


During a concert of Atif Aslam organized by a Punjab Group of Colleges at Al-Hamra Cultural Complex yesterday a stampede broke out due to being overfilled and resulted in death of three girls and injuring five others. However, some have also been saying that being overfilled was not the reason.

Usually such disorder occurs when there is a sense of danger in a gathering and some say that this is exactly that was the case. A fake rumour was spread there is a bomb planted about to blow up the whole place. This caused a panicky outburst in the concert attendees and all ran out injuring others in the process.

Another version of events that has come out is fans trying to meet with the singer backstage but due to lack of management things out of hand. Any of these stories could be true. However, some major news sources say that the reason was indeed the venue being overcrowded with around 7000 girls when it could hold far less than that many.

If this in fact is the cause of deaths of three girls and injury to five others, than there should be proper management in places where concerts are held. Artists themselves should refuse to perform if they see there is such a disorderly overcapacity.

Atif Aslam has given his condolences in these words:

“Today’s incident has left me in a state of shock and dismay. I am deeply saddened by what transpired after Monday’s concert. My deepest condolences to the victims and their families for the terrible loss that they have suffered and I pray that Allah will help them through this ordeal.”

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