Hum Tv Drama: Nadamat – Synopsis and Pictures



‘Nadamat’ is the story of practically every household in our society. The plot reflects the callous attitude of people and the destruction that it causes. The protagonist of the story is Dr Tania whose life turns into a living hell owing to her father, Nawab Shuja ud Din’s one mistake. As she leaves her father’s house and goes to live with her husband, Sohail, she is confronted by even more hurdles. Her dark past follows her like a shadow in her present for her husband treats her with suspicion and scorn all the time. Other important characters of the story are the husband and wife duo Nasir and Kiran, and Nasir’s brother, Taifor. What chaos will Taifor, who has lived abroad, bring into his brother and sister-in-law’s lives? What kind of hardships will Tania’s past create for her? How does she tackle her present? To find out, watch ‘Nadamat’.
Cast: Sanam Balouch, Sajid Hasan, Shakeel, Farhan Ali Agha, Rubina Ashraf, Bindiya.


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