Swaras – Kya Khushi (Music Video Review)



SwarasSwaras is an independent, semi-classical pop-rock band from Toronto, Canada. The name Swaras basically means ‘the seven notes of the scale in literal English translation’. The band was formed in 2009 by Asad Q. who is also the lead vocalist and composer. The entire line-up of the band is:

Asad Q. – lead vocals and compositions
Hassan Bokhari – lead guitars, compositions and arrangement
Faisal Ahsan – bass guitars
Amir Samimi – drummer/percussionist
Serguei Tchepournov – violin

*Note that the above information is taken from Swaras’ official facebook page*


After reviewing Club Caramel’s mesmerizing song “Teray Bin” and Beygairat Brigade’s kick-ass “Aalu Anday”; it’s down to Swaras, which is one of those newcomers’ bands that I’ve got a chance to review this month. Debuting with the music video of “Jo Tum Kaho”, the band Swaras is back with their third single release and second music video “Kya Khushi” – a decent effort, to say the least, but the band is lacking onto something which I will care to explain later on.

If, in the need of wanting something remarkable and extraordinary, everyone one – each and every member in the band – has got to back each other up, gel with each other nicely, and put up their best effort. And as I probably recall myself, a band is nothing without a team-work.

It’s not an individual’s play. And Swaras band does a commendable job. “Kya Khushi” contains every single ingredient a well-sought-out song must consist; from the powerful and mature vocals (especially of Asad Q.) to the tantalizing tune all-around. The lead guitarist Hassan Bokhari also needs a special mention for his impressive work. He’s a guy who certainly knows how to handle with guitar. Rare talent!

First of all, I would recommend you guys to keep in mind that Swaras is an independent band and any thing they do is simple their own – they do not rely on the big-budgeted companies. They rely on themselves and themselves only. The video was a thriller as far as the concept is concerned. However, the casting of the female model wasn’t appropriate; she was terrible at acting. Nevertheless, it’s amazing to see how these guys – independently – bring out the best possible results from the camera and the direction.

In a nutshell, Swaras is a band which has a lot of diversity to offer. Now, onto the ‘something lacking’ part; I, for one, firmly believe that Swaras isn’t getting much attention as they should get. They deserve more crowds. They really need to come out with a better video concept and marketing strategy if they want their music to spread out like a virus. Anyways, “Kya Khushi” is indeed a good attempt!


Audio: 9/10
Video: 7/10

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