Swaras Band fuses the World Music with Eastern


Swaras Band LogoSwaras band stands on the fusion of World Music with eastern and is the first to adduce this idea in a different way. The band was formed on 7th June 2009 in Toronto, Canada.

Swaras was founded by Asad Q who is the lead vocalist and was taught by famous Guru M. Munir Ahmad and Dr. Paramjeet Singh. Place of lead guitarist is held by Hassan Bokhari. He is a specialized guitarist and can play bass, rhythm, lead guitars and drums and keyboard as well. Other members include Faisal Ahsan, Talha Syed and Amir Samimi.

The band uses its forces to promote eastern vocals by using them with western musical instruments of each country just as in their debut song Aag Kuch Aysi Lagi the lively beat of Conga drums from Africa was mixed. Italian Violin was also comingled in their second track ‘Jo Tum Kaho’ and the music of ‘Kya Khushi’ consisted of Spanish Guitars. This job of amalgamating instruments with which you don’t have any experience is quite hard.

The band’s slogan is ‘Let the music be free from borders’ and so they are doing it. Their every track is specialized and offers every time a new kind of joy. Asad Qizilbash and Hassan Bokhari of Swaras BandTheir great achievement lies in the fact that the band’s first three songs are included in ‘The National Library of Archives’ located in Ottawa Canada. Swaras band’s favorable outcome led them to record a number for an English short film ‘Celebrate’which has been sent in known film festivals. Swaras’s vocalist has a good command over classical ‘Raag’ and Gaiki’ and so they used ‘Alaap’ in this track. This track’s music has a divine meaning that transcends human understanding just like that of ‘Dead Man Walking’ by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

The band has gained international recognition in its starting stage and their songs are played in radio channels of India, UK, USA, Pakistan, Canada, UAE, Mauritius and Luxembourg. Swaras Band’s music videos are worth-watching and are being played on Canadian and Pakistani music channels these days.

Check out below all the Official Music Videos released by Swaras band:

Jo Tum Kaho:



Kya Khushi:


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