KARACHI – Yet another Pakistani indie Film Project (Video Trailer)


Karachi Project PosterKARACHI is the only project made in its kind. The team took 2 years just to compile the paperwork. Agha Ali directed the Project and Ali Sikander and Agha Ali are behind the script and dialogues. it is yet known to be the most controversial subject to touch specially when you are making something for the Television and for the CinePlexes. Yes the script was first written for a Film. Then the team worked and wrote another script copy with little changes for the Television channels.

Karachi is based on a true story about a guy who struggled for 2.5years in Karachi and the true story happened in 2009. It will take you for a ride behind the cameras. The Story is about anyone who wants to be a part of the Fashion , Acting or Music Industry in Pakistan. It also has 7 Original Sound Tracks so there would be a Music Album first in the Market.

Senior Actors like Javed Sheikh, Ijaz Aslam and Rashid Farooqui are sharing the screen with young actors like Agha Ali , Shahroz Sabzwari, Tipu Adnan and Ali Sikander with pretty and talented girls like Madiha Iftikhar and Sadia Sheikh and Ayesha Toor. The producers of the project “AHTISHAM KHALID and AFZAL ALI are really hopeful yet proud of such a step. The project was shot on the Film Format and was even written in the same way. We hope this change will bring the Change in the Pakistan Industry who lost itself somewhere following the Other industries.

Watch the Official Video Trailer of Karachi Project:



  • Project: KARACHI
  • Production Banner: Alnahham Productions and Advertising Agency.
  • Creative Label: Tun Creative Team (TCT.pvt.cmpny)
  • Produced by: Ahtsham Khalid and Syed Afzal Ali
  • Written by: Ali Sikander and Agha Ali
  • Story,Screenplay and Directed by: Agha Ali

Below are some pictures and posters of the Project:

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