Faisal Aman talks about cheap remakes and banned Pakistani Movies


faisal amanFaisal Aman, the director of upcoming Pakistani movie ‘Kaptaan’ which already got much promotion, recently talked about banned Pakistani movies and depreciated cheap Pakistani remakes of Indian Movies. He said,

“We had talented filmmakers in the past but that is the problem. We live in the past to glorify ourselves with the achievements made by our forefathers. There is no doubt that there is enormous talent in our country and talent should be tested by pitching it against competition not by playing a cricket match alone. “

While talking to Times of India He further said,

“When a film like “Zar Gul” is banned in Pakistan and “The Blood of Hussain” along with “Immaculate Conception” made by intelligent people like Salman Pirzada and Jamil Dehlavi respectively just because they had political themes or were against the armed establishment of the country. Remember “Junoon” was banned by the successive regimes of Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif? The kind of cinema to come out of Pakistan is what you see today where “Haseena Atom Bomb” sort of movies dominate the screen. It’s not just movies; it’s the same with music”.

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