Zaib featuring Farhan Hussain – Na Ro Kabhi (Download Mp3)


Zaib-feat-Farhan Na Ro KAbhiArtist: Zaib featuring Farhan Hussain (Guitars, Synth)

Song: Na Ro Kabhi [ Download Mp3 ]

Album: The First Decade

Zaib is a U.S. based band of Pakistani origin. The band is collaboration between an upcoming pop/alternative musician named Jahanzeb Khwaja and guitarist Farhan Hussain who also founded and played guitars for the famous Pakistani underground heavy metal band Nijaat in the 2002-2003 era.

After Nijaat’s split, Farhan moved to the United States due to the unstable socioeconomic conditions of Pakistan where he was approached by a fellow lahori named Jahanzeb Khwaja, an admirer of pop/alternative music. Approached by Jahanzeb for this project, Farhan agreed to contribute to this album as a guest guitar player and together they bring this first track “Na Ro Kabhi” which is a fine blend of pop/alternative and metal.

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