Ali Zafar talks with Press on the World Premiere of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (Pictures)


Ali Zafar with Katrina Kaif Imran Khan on the premiere of Mere Brother Ke Dulhan in Abu DhabiBy Arfa Mahmood

Talented Pakistani singer and actor Ali Zafar is expecting that if his upcoming film “Mere brother ki dulhan” receives positive response, his fans would experience the famous bollywood star Katrina Kaif in one of his music videos. Ali Zafar was talking with Press on Wednesday, when he was in Abu Dhabi to walk the red carpet on the world premiere of his new film “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan”.

In a press conference of the film he said: “We have a bet you see. If the numbers of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan exceed a certain mark, then Katrina is honor bound to star in one of my songs,” Katrina confirmed the news by cracking a snickering laugh on the question.

Ali Zafar with a lot of fame in his country also proved himself the best and showed his talent beyond the border by working for renowned production houses with big-named stars and singing for epic Bollywood movies. Ali Zafar with Katrina Kaif and Imran Khan on mere brother kee dulhan premiereYesterday, the star attended red carpet ceremony of “Mere brother ki Dulhan” where experienced the side of popular celebrities, the joy of shining spotlights and paparazzi. His popularity has gained a high-level of attraction.

Ali Zafar is looking forward to sign more factual movies in Bollywood as he wants to prove his talent by some interesting and meaningful stories. Moreover, Ali Zafar opened his heart by giving this statement that “My three idols have been Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Kishore Kumar. Here were three powerhouses, who not only excelled as singers, but also carved a niche for themselves as talented actors. If I can match even a patch of that, my work is done here”.

Few of the Ali Zafar fans are aware of the fact that the field in which he graduated was related to painting, but he came up as an actor and singer. This fact was known with these words of Ali Zafar which he quipped “I’m a creative person at the end of the day and I pursue avenues that allow me to satisfy those juices,” Further he said, “First it was painting, then came my music and finally, acting with “Tere Bin Laden”.

On the introductory event of his next movie London, Paris, New York, Ali Zafar mentioned that he is not only singing and acting in this film, but also working with great music directors to compose some good music.Ali Zafar at the press conference / Premiere of Mere Brother Kee Dulhan The star is working with newcomers in this film, which is quite a risk for his career, but the star believes that a movie does not require good stars. For this he said, “I did Tere Bin Laden a few years ago with virtual unknowns and the film became a cult hit”.

He exclaimed that there are a lot of good stories that require attention of good producers. He further said: “My rule is simple: if you can get me to read beyond the first few pages of the script and manage to hook me in then I am willing to discuss a film with you.”

Indeed, famous artists like Atif Aslam, Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali khan, Adnan Sami, and Ustad Ghulam Ali believed that prejudices against Pakistani talent do exist in Indian Industry, and thus made great progress in this industry. For this, the singer cum actor said, “I don’t disagree that prejudices are still very much a part of the mindset, both in India and in Pakistan. I’m sure all four of them have seen this up close and personal, but such biases are held by just a few close-minded people.”

Ali Zafar said that I am working for Indian industry as a part of my work and so stated “it’s not your nationality that defines your talent.”

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