Love Mein Ghum Music Review


Love Mein Ghum Music ReviewThe cinema of Pakistan, which we all call by the name of Lollywood; after going through a deteriorating phase, is trying hard day in and day out to survive and somehow revive the film industry.

Earlier this year, Shoaib Mansoor’s directorial venture Bol, which starred Atif Aslam in it, paved the way – after delivering a hit film – for Reema Khan’s Love Mein Ghum.

The official soundtrack for the movie Love Mein Ghum is finally out which carries compositions from several artists, locally and internationally; M. Arshad, Najat Ali, Waqar Ali, Hunterz (UK), and Ravi Bal (UK).

Not only that, it comprises names such as Ali Zafar, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Kailash Kher, Shreya Goshal, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shaan in the vocals department – which only adds up into the overall expectations of the album.


Kailash Kher and Shazia Manzoor – Sohniye Yaadan

Even though I’ve not been a fan of Shazia’s work, I felt like loving this one; this particular Punjabi duet has beautiful and strong vocals from her along with her Indian-counterpart Kailash Kher, who has a reputation of delivering hits when it comes to the music. Ravi Bal, the composer, needs a pat on his back for giving us a delicious taste of music with a perfect, melodious, and a must-listen song to start with.

Abrar-ul-Haq and Ravi Bal – Sohniye Heeriye

Ravi Bal comes up with a new job this time, which is signing, along with the King of Bhangra Abrar-ul-Haq for a foot-tapping number called Sohniye Heeriye. All in all, the song starts up sharply enough to catch-up the listener but doesn’t really hold on throughout, in terms of arrangements and composition; it could’ve been a better track with a better length as well.

Sunidhi Chauhan and Hunterz – Ilah Ilah

Ilah Ilah is a near-perfect song with a catchy beat; the composer Hunterz has done a marvelous job in pulling off a good number which has the vocals of the talented Sunidhi Chauhan in it as well. But still, one would wonder why in the blue hell I said that is a ‘near-perfect’ song and not perfect all-alone itself. Well, first and foremost, the rapping part kills the song and secondly, I will never understand the greediness of our film-makers who will become so sophisticated about the hip-hop/raps that they would want to include them in their songs, not even caring if it’s put forcibly or not. The example of this greediness can be found in the song Dil Janiya of Bol which was sung by Hadiqa Kiyani.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – Haal Da Mehram

It seems like, now a days, nothing is complete without having a Rahat Fateh Ali Khan-trademarked-style song. Composed by the M. Arshad of Pakistan, the song, especially the musical arrangements, and its plain tune, are pretty much a run-of-the-mill stuff. However, the vocals of the legendary maestro RFAK are spot-on.

Shaan – Jaadu Bhari

We’re living in a modernized age – in which, we listen to the electronic stuff so frequently, but this romantic number Jaadu Bhari relies heavily on the old-style music of Lollywood, and even Bollywood. The composer M. Arshad does nothing special here and comes up with another run-of-the-mill song, which isn’t even worth listening to for the second time.

Shreya Goshal – Meri Ankhon Mein

Bingo! It’s the third time M. Arshad doesn’t cease to amaze me with his boring composition. Lyrically, this song resembles a lot with the two – flirty hit numbers of Bollywood; a) Bheege Hont Tere of Murder; b) Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai of Jism. The sweet sound of Shreya Goshal is something to cheer up for though.

Shreya Goshal – Kitni Haseen Hai Zindagi

Kitni Haseen Hai Zindagi is a long composition, finalized by Najat Ali, having the much-praising vocals of Shreya Goshal. Overall, this song could’ve been better in terms of everything; from lyrics to composition to its tune.

Ali Zafar – Love Mein Ghum

Love Mein Ghum is the title, as well as the final, song of the film’s official soundtrack. Waqar Ali, the composer, collaborates with Ali Zafar, the singer. It’s a dance number, which I guess will be used for the commercial purpose of the film. Composing-wise, this one’s a better song than Najat Ali’s and M. Arshad’s. And there’s another plus for it, which is the unique vocals of the Pakistani sensation, Ali Zafar.


Reema Khan’s second directorial project Love Mein Ghum is all set to hit the cinemas across Pakistan on this Eid and the soundtrack of the movie sounds promising. As far as the composers matter; Ravi Bal, Hunterz, Waqar Ali, and M. Arshad (for the Haal Da Mehram only) have provided decent songs.

And in a nutshell the music of Love Mein Ghum is more than average. The film’s music is definitely worth buying for.


“Sohniye Yaadan”, “Ilah Ilah”, “Haal Da Mehram”, “Love Mein Ghum”

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