Atif Aslam’s official website revamped! and old forum removed !


    Atif Aslam's Official Website revamped , forums removed

    After being under-construction for past several months, Atif Aslam’s Official Website has finally been revamped on this Eid, with a simple yet elegant new look. – which is Atif Aslam’s official website address (URL) – was under-construction for last many months. Probably a day ago, it is revamped with a sleek and simple new look and to give Atif’s fans a gift on Eid. The new layout of the website looks professional to say the least and with easy to navigate options, it gives better user experience to the visitors.

    However, the official forums of Atif Aslam which had thousands of registered members on board, has now been disabled or probably been terminated completely.  It was one of the largest and most active fan base forum of any Pakistani musician online, which now seems like completely killed. The new website has new embedded “Forums” in it but unfortunately it did not export the thousands of old posts, reviews and news that the registered members of Aadeez had posted over the period of years there.

    Talking about the other navigational features, it does justice with the star’s website. However we think the website could have been more Dynamic and colorful, to give a rock-star impression to the visitors.

    A weird option I noticed on site was of “Advertisement” which states:

    Promote your products and business online on Atif Aslam’s official website globally with more than one million unique visitors.


    so apparently Atif Aslam’s management wants to mint some money out of their website as well. But for their information, it is not actually a good decision to rent out advertisement place on a musicians’ website such as of Atif Aslam. They should better give the ad banner spaces to the current labels and companies they are attached and affiliated with.  “One million unique visitors” is also such a tall claim which can’t be proved as it is not based on true statistics. (probably they were referring to over 2.7 Million fans on Facebook)

    Enuff said about the new look, switch over now to to experience the new website and let us know any good/bad feature we have missed.

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