Humaima Malik: “Veena is the Rakhi Sawant of Pakistan”


Humaima Malik talk about Veena Malik and Wasim Akram

Humaima Malik in her recent interview has boldly declared that “Veena Malik is the Rakhi Sawant of Pakistan” and that she & Wasim Akram are just friends.


The drama actress, Lux beauty queen and now widely known as Zainab of BOL movie, Humaima Malik has said some very spicy things in an interview to Times of India. When she was asked to comment on Pakistani actress Veena and her popularity in controversial shows, Humaima neither skipped the question nor gave a diplomatic answer and said straight away:


“I think she’s perfectly suited for reality shows like Bigg Boss. She is the Rakhi Sawant of Pakistan. How can you expect her to do something meaningful?”

Talking about her own self, Humaima said that she is too patriotic to leave her country & think about pursuing a career anywhere else first. She thinks it is better to be a star in your own country than to do “stupid television shows” somewhere else.

Humaima doesn’t stop here she says, “You can’t compare Rakhi Sawant with Madhuri Dixit! “. Now with this statement a counter question was definitely expected:

So are you saying that you are the Madhuri Dixit of Pakistan? to which she answered very diplomatically:

“No. All I am saying is that Veena and I are different people, with different professional goals.”

Upon asking Humaima’s bonding with cricketer Wasim Akram, she denied any such thing and considered them all rumors. Her words were:

“Kisi ke saath coffee pee liya ya khana kha liya and everyone starts gossiping. I really wished that our friendship was not blown out of proportion. Why is it difficult for people to see us as just friends? “

Okay Umaima jee, If you say so we believe now that You and Wasim are just friends! but after your statement regarding Veena, you have made a new “enemy” in the industry.

to read Humaima’s complete interview, switch over to Times of India

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