Read Ali Moeen Nawazish’s first column Shaoor Taaza (Daur-e-Nau)


Here is the very first Urdu column of Ali Moeen Nawazish, Shaoor-e-Taaza (daur-e-nau), published in today’s Jang Newspaper.

I thought to share this column with our readers here (as they mostly consists of young audience) to inspire and motivate them with the efforts, sincerity and dedication of this young champ.

In this column Ali talks about his personal life, his dreams, post-result life, career opportunities and why he decided to start his career from Pakistan and not from The World’s Best Organizations like “Google”, “Apple” and “Microsoft”. This column is definitely inspirational and I hope his presence in largest media group of Pakistan will help removing the suffocation that our youth often feels and breathe here.

Read out “Fresh Sense” ( Shaoor-e-Taaza ) – sounds like a “perfume label” yeah !!! 😉

English version of the column can be read here

Ali Moeen Nawazish's Column Shaoor Taaza Daur-e-Nau

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