The Sketches – Awwal Allah (Hamd Mp3 Download)


The Sketches releases the Hamd “Awwal Allah” taken from the book of Shah jo Risalo (Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai). The Verses are taken from 3 Surs of Shah Latif.

1. Sur Kalyaan
2. Sur Yamen Kalyaan
3. Sur Khambhaat

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The Sketches Awwal Allah

Translation of the Lyrics:

The One Creator, the all greats;

Lord of the universe-

The living, the original;

Ruler with power innate;

The giver, the sustainer,

the unique , compassionate;

This master praise, to Him alone

thyself in praise prostrate..

The generous, who does create

the universe in pairs..

Read letter A, (Alif) forget all other pages,

Cleanse your heart, how long can you read pages after pages.

O mother, how my heart will find peace without beloved

Those who yearn for you, are all the time in pain of separation.

Jeay Latif

All praise to Allah

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