Annie Khalid uses Pakistan Flag on her Jeans (TV Report)


Annie Khalid in her AK Lounge LahoreAnnie Khalid, who recently launched a cafe in Lahore named as AK Lounge, was caught by a local tv channel using Pakistan Flag on her jeans just above her shoes.

On the launch of Annie’ AK Lounge, many celebrities including media persons and showbiz personalities were invited and to cover this event various media reporters were also there. What one channel caught there, is a bit controversial and raise question whether national flag has any significance or it can be placed anywhere.

As per the constitutions of many countries, burning, abusing and disrespecting the national flag is considered unlawful. Similar law is also in place in Pakistan [citation needed] therefore celebrities or those who represent Pakistan in The World should remain cautious in this regard. The best place to put national flag is right close to your heart, just like the officials of our country do.

Though, it is not as condemnable as used by so called Miss Pakistan in Bikini. (image linked) but still gives wrong impression to the masses.

Anyhow, here is the video report that highlights Pakistan Flag on Annie’s jeans:


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