‘Mehrunnisa Ka Lashkar’ to be aired today on PTV Home


Drama Mehrunnisa ka lashkar poster

‘Mehrunnisa Ka Lashkar’

A story about legends of resilience of people of Buner to be aired this Friday

‘Mehrunnisa Ka Lashkar’, second drama of, ‘Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aaagay’, a drama series produced by ISPR in collaboration with Communications Research Strategies (CRS) Pvt. Ltd. will be aired this Friday on PTV Home at 7:40pm.

Drama series ‘Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay’ is a humble endeavour to pay homage to the courageous people of Pakistan and its armed forces whose resilience and sacrifices have turned the tide of extremism and militancy in most of the troubled areas of Pakistan.

‘Mehrunnisa Ka Lashkar’ is a story of one Mehrunnisa, a brave lady of Buner, who decided to stand up against the terrorists when they moved to this district in sheer violation of the peace accord. Her determination resulted in formation of a local Lashkar that perpetuated the retreat of terrorists from that area.

This drama is written by maestro Asghar Nadeem Syed and directed by Azeem Sajjad. Renowned artist Ayesha Sana played the lead role of Mehrunnisa along with Najibullah Anjum and Tariq Jamal in the major roles.

Here are some snap shots of the drama:

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