Atif Aslam’s Message for 2 Million Aadeez!


Atif Aslam message for 2 Million Aadeez fans“Asalam-o-Alaikum .. !

Today by the grace of Allah u guys are 2 Million and while writing this message i have everyone ov u in my mind. 2 Million puts a smile on my face n reminds me every now n then to make good music.

Thank you for sharing all those video’s, pictures and taking out time for ME . Every time I come online and see the page, I see a lot of activity from the members. The “likes” and the “comments” are always increasing MASHALLAH. Your continued support for my music and my page will always be a moment for me in my 50’s, 60’s ager tab tak zinda raha to lol  :). Aadeez always have a special place in my heart!. Cant thank u enough 🙂

I also want to thank the management team Azeem, junaid, pari for their luv and care for all ov U.

A special thanks to my brother Mr.Sheraz Aslam who has been managing the page so wonderfully and effortlessly.

Plz do remember me in ur prayers and pray that i could find the true purpose of my life :).

Say my Salam to ur parents and tell them that i luv them all 🙂 ,,,,,,,,


Another thing that i would like to mention here ,I do try to pray 5 times a day but ,, fajar ,,,,,,,,,, ????,,,,,, plz do take out time for NAMAZ coz eventually this world , fame, money and everything that u earn is gona stay here … So ,, NAMAZ is the only solution for every problem 🙂

A little important  :::::

I want my fans to follow me on the official page only. Like we have piracy in music, songs getting stolen and leaked, CD’s being copied etc etc, in the same way we have piracy on the internet. I want you all to discourage piracy on the internet as well.This page is the ONLY official source that will give you every bit of information you need about my music other than my official website i.e U can always get hold ov the most authentic information about my concerts, my shoe color, my jeans wear, abt my unknown girlfriends, rumours abt any disease GOD forbid :P,,,, my random cropped photographs  ( SARCASM ) n BLAH ,,,,,,,,,,   . !@#$%$%     machine language errorrrrrrr  ..syntax   203  1001010010010010   … computer restarting ….  retard 🙂 ”

and u can ignoire this as in NOT AT ALL IMPORTANT … ::::::

“- Atif Aslam -“

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